Tribute to Art and Ty Christensen

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  1. Ernest F Brodie, Sr
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 15:56:24

    Ty was a great class mate and team mate. He had a way of breaking the tension when things got tense during a game or practice. His lighthearted humor was always a breath of fresh air and always welcomed. I am glad that we had some time together at the class reunion to catch up on the past 50 years.


  2. Bill
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 17:42:25

    Emails from class mates of Art.

    Thank you Leeny (& Claudia) for keeping the links open to the rest of us around the country. When Gordie called I knew someone must have died. I am so saddened it was Art. Your beautiful tributes made my heart ache as well a bringing many smiles. I am so happy I made the 45th and 46th reunions at Linda & Art’s so I could walk down memory lane with so many of you. I always had a strong attraction to Art even from elementary school… and Leeny, I got some kisses, too, in 8th or 9th grade! I then moved on to others but he was always special to me. It turns out that the week of that last reunion last summer I had also spent the week staying with my big sister Linda in Utica (New Hartford). The next weekend I went to my Cortland State sorority reunion. I had so much fun with my sister and we made great plans for future trips and family fun. Unexpectedly and unfortunately, she died 3 weeks after burying her second husband, Jimmy, this past May with undiagnosed cancer – May 19th. She was only 69.
    So at this time of our lives it’s essential that we count our blessings and remember the good times and loved ones who touched our lives. I have had a glorious life out here in Boston with a wonderful family (40th anniversary), friends, and work related experiences. (I still own my local bookstore now 20 years! – Hanging in there despite state of economy and downward spiraling book word!)
    Gordie mentioned creating a Class of 64 Scholarship for Mt. Upton – Gilbertsville schools…I’m in – just let me know where to send a check.
    Until we meet again…

    With warm memories of a great childhood in Mt. Upton growing up with all of you…
    Judy Knoetgen Manzo

    p.s. We still have our big old Main Street house just 8 mi.north of Boston that works as a great Bed &
    Breakfast – no kids living at home for now! Love to host any of you for a visit. Home 781-729-3160.

    From: Leeny Gale []
    Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 1:35 PM
    To: Andy and William Walters; Barb Heller; Bob Burke; Charleen Curtis Sastri; Chick Spathelf; Cindy n Ron; Claudia/Dominick Hendricks; Connie Teelon Knapp; Doug Geertgens; Gordie Valentine; Janet Hartwell;;; Judy Cole Haymes; Linda Slawson; Marjory Clark; Mary Brooks Gilmore; Mary Lou Hammond; Mike Platz; Sandy Parks Teelon; Teenia Christensen; THOMAS H HEARTH
    Subject: Tributes to Art Christensen spoken at his services…

    The class of 1964 at MUCHS was a very unique group. We worked well as a team and shared many fun times together. Art Christensen was a strong component of this class. In fact– he was our backbone. We often looked to him for guidance. We never put Art on a pedestal. He would not have wanted that. He was not that type of a guy. Art was a team player all of the way.
    How would one describe this young man we went to school with for 13 years? Smart, athletic, friendly, kind to everyone? In the 1964 class poll Art was voted friendliest, happiest, biggest appetite, best athlete and the most likely to succeed. He was class president not once, but two times. He played varsity football and basketball all four years of high school. He was also in track and baseball. Art was in honor society and was chosen to represent our school at Boys state. The school newspaper and yearbook benefit from his help. Yes, Art could have placed himself above others but that was not what he was about. He was a part of us, just one of the guys.
    After graduation our class hung together. We all led separate lives and many moved to different parts of the country. Getting together, however, has always remained a priority. We have spent many happy class reunions at Art and Linda’s farm jiving to 60’s music, heading over the hillside behind Art’s tractor wondering if we were going to make it over the next rut and just enjoying each others company.
    Art, as we look back and remember the times we shared with you, you will find us laughing and crying at the same time. The time has come when we must say good-bye. Always remember that no matter how many people come and go in our lives, you will always be in our hearts. Friends like you are a rare treasure. Written by Claudia Wadsworth Hendricks

    The following are Dick Heller’s tribute…..

    I came to knowArt through his parents Arnold andAstrid. Please note that
    is three A’s in a row-a grade we would all give to that family. There came a
    time when Art said to me something like, *You spend more time in our
    family kitchen than I do.” That was true as I am sure the office secretaries
    would wonder why I went up there so often. I was brand new to the job of
    being in charge, too many items I knew zero about so up to the
    Christensen’s I would go for a cup of coffee and answers to my many
    It has been my good fortune to attend twenty some graduations and sign
    over 3,000 diplomas and during that career I was adopted by only one
    class,MT UPTON- I 964 andArt was their elected leader. His record of
    achievement both academic and athletic are well known to all. There are
    two items aboutArt that are worthy of mention here and they are 1. There
    was one school day when I came uponArt out in the hall and not in a
    classroom where he belonged. Before I could inquire as to his reasons for
    this, he came out with something like, o’Good Afternoon Mr. Heller and
    how goes it with you?- with that big smile on his face. Now I ask you how
    in God’s name was I supposed to chew him out for being in the wrong
    place? 2. Football game at Milford They h@ a big, featured running back.
    whose name I don’t remember. our ball, 4th down and we elected to punt,
    probably John Petley–a good punt and the Milford star caught it and started
    upfield. Art made a beeline for him, made a proper contact and one helluva
    collision, both players took their time getting up.Art never forgot that play
    and neither did any of us who were present that day.
    Back to the class of ’64. Tom walters, steve Glauer and nowArt
    Christensen, all left us a bit too soon.

    Leeny Borst Gale’s remarks….
    Class of MU 1964 Tribute to Art…
    Art…he was our leader – the one who we all trusted and could always count on. He -and Linda – gave strength to our class by being sure we always had a place to renew our bonds….re-living old memories and makin’ new memories….every five years at their farm for a weekend. And our reunions were soooo much fun! Linda and Art always put together the final preparations for our special days. Art and his boys would always set up a lawn tent for us, tables and chairs. Linda shopped for all the decorations, table decorations, brought out sound equipment for our 60’s music, had some fun games for us, and we always enjoyed our infamous reunion hayrides behind Art’s tractor. Art BBQ-ed for our dish-to-pass picnic…and then they both made sure we had a yummy breakfast the next morning for all the locals and overnighters. Linda worked so hard for our class that we finally adopted her! Art’s popularity and atheletic ability speaks for itself. I seem to remember the basketball game where Art dunked a full court shot in the last seconds of the game…that gave us the win.
    There were some funny moments along our way….like the time in third grade (which was at the MU Methodist Church) with teacher Mrs. Morse. Art peed his pants! Many years later, Art said “I kept tellin that Ole lady Morse that I had to go…and she wouldn’t let me….so…I peed my pants! And believe me…we never let him forget it either!
    There there was the time – I think we were either Juniors or Seniors…when I tried to put the make on Art…in the little cubby room off the library. I tried to get him to kiss me! Art was shy. I remember he backed away from me and looked at me like I was some kind of an alien! Years later at one of our reunions he told me he was so sorry he messed up that opprotunity. I just told him…”Too bad Art…you missed your chance, the moment has passed!”
    And at the 2009 reunion, we all decided we needed a Kodak moment of our hayride. Today, I’m not sure if it was a Kodak moment or a Senior moment. Anyways…we all gathered on one side of this huge haywagon, just a smilin’…. ready for the click of the camera…when I for one, suddenly realized that some of my other classmates must have gained some weight, because ever sooo slowly, the wagon began to tip over sideways…we all quickly ran to the other side of the wagon…and ever so slowly…the wagon uprighted itself. So in 2010 at our 46th class reunion, Art had a special treat in store for us….a more sturdy, trustworthy mode of conventional transport….he brought out his tractor haulin’ his ole honey wagon (shit spreader) for us to ride in! So many good memories!
    My heart hurts, my classmates hearts hurt. There just aren’t enough words – or tears – to describe how much we all loved Art. A part of us is gone…farewell Art….your time with us is done…but we will always carry our precious memories of you in our hearts. Leeny


  3. Bill
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 18:11:13

    Arthur E. Christensen Sr.
    Daily Star

    Arthur E. Christensen Sr.

    GUILFORD _ Arthur Eric Christensen Sr. 66, of Guilford passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, at Wilson Hospital in Johnson City.

    Art was born in East Northport to Arnold and Astrid Christensen of Stokke, Norway, and raised on the family farm in Guilford, where he happily lived for most of his life. He was a graduate of Mount Upton Central School and Cornell University. He was a dairy farmer for many years before going into insurance. Art was an avid athlete, enjoying football, softball and basketball, canoeing, four-wheeling, swimming and skating on the family pond. He loved walking the hills on the farm, giving hayrides and tending his beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.

    Art was very active in the community as a member and past president of the Mount Upton Lions Club, organizing fundraisers, chicken barbecues, and food drives among other things. He was also a Mount Upton Central School board member for many years. Art loved his family and friends, loved his farm, loved the Giants, and loved his life.

    He is survived by his wife, Linda, and his five children and their spouses: Arthur Eric Jr. and Cari-Ann Christensen of Binghamton, Kimberly Christensen-Lakin and Martin Lakin of South New Berlin, Scott and Tammy Seward of Guilford, Melissa and William Strong of Guilford, and Leif Christensen and Annie Finch of Guilford. He is survived, as well, by 12 grandchildren: Anika and Tait Christensen, Hunter, Sydney and Morgan Lakin, Mariah, Chelsea and Brandon Seward, Shelbi Stewart, Kacey and Taylor Strong, and Landyn Christensen. In addition, he is survived by his three siblings and their spouses: Ty and Jean Christensen of North Carolina, Alice (Christensen) and Jim Haskins of Washington, and Katherine (Christensen) a


  4. Bill
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 18:49:02

    From Marjory Clark

    I was so sorry to hear that Art had left us and that we were on Long Island with Tammy’s daughters that week so we were not able to be with the family. Art was special to me too, being in the noon class with Judy Knoetgen and Cindy VanFleet. They had had French 2 so we ate lunch together and went through the French 3 review book and they all passed the French Regents! So he was my student the first year I taught and his son Arthur Eric was in my class the last year that I taught! I always felt close to the Christensens. They were so hospitable and Clint and I used to visit them and enjoy their prodigious smorgasbords and their friendliness (in reverse order!) Art and Linda certainly carried on the family tradition — it has been great to be included in the 5-year reunions on the Christensen farm.

    Take care of yourselves (I’d like to beat all the rest of you to the gate).

    Marjory Clark


  5. Kay Wildenstein
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 10:45:42

    It’s THE CHRISTENSEN FAMILY REUNION [not Christian] My brothers were really special men & we will always miss them.


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