Class of 1970

Mt. Upton Graduates,
By now you have no doubt learned of the wheelchair fund raising event for Bill Jeffery. To date with your generous donation we have raised nearly $800.00. This is a wonderful tribute to the generosity of the MU graduates. That figure is an interesting amount, since in the history of Mt. Upton Central school (1935-1994), just over 800 total students have graduated from Mt. Upton Central.
Our original goal was to raise enough money to purchase a wheelchair that would meet or exceed Bill’s needs. Although we have raised enough to purchase a cheaper model wheelchair, cheap is not desirable for someone like Bill that depends on his wheelchair for daily activities, transportation, work, and mobility. Inferior quality will soon prove why it is cheap, and that could involve a failure that leaves him stranded or, worse yet, injured.
The design of the chair has to meet his needs. It must be light enough for a hoist to lift and move in and out of a van, which means it requires a folding frame rather than a rigid frame. It must provide a durable solid metal foot rest, and be sturdy enough to hold his weight, as Bill can’t just get up and walk away if it breaks. Maneuverability also has to be considered.

The wheelchair design must provide freedom from frequent maintenance. We would want nothing less for Bill.

Already you have gone above and beyond in this unusual fund raising. Now I have one final request. That request is to become actively involved by promoting the fund raising to others on your friends list that includes graduates from Mt. Upton Central, or groups to which you belong. There may still be many that have not heard of this and would donate if they knew. I will post the original request so you can cut and paste should you decide to do so.

Again, I thank all of you for your kindness towards Bill Jeffery. You will forever be blessed.


Dearest Mt. Upton friend;
Mt. Upton Central School was a wonderful setting for a child to begin their life’s journey. As we learned and grew, we had dreams and expectations about life. Soon, we became aware of the world outside our little community. That world and our journey has not always been kind and gentle for all.
One graduate, many of us know, was in an automobile accident where he suffered an injury which left him a paraplegic. As with any paralizing injury, comes a multitude of expenses. Bill Jeffery, class of 1970, is that graduate. Bill has now been paralized for several years and today needs a new wheelchair.
In an effort to assist Bill, I’m asking that each of us consider forgoing one night out on the town this year, instead donate what you would have spent to Bill Jeffery’s wheelchair fund. This act of kindness and love will be a blessing for both you and for Bill. Just knowing that Bill was able to acquire a wheelchair without this financial burden, will be a blessing for both you and Bill.
Bless you for your consideration.
Shoud you decide to contribute, Please send your contribution to:
NBT Bank,
Attn: Pam Jones, / Jeffery Wheelchair fund
52 South Broad Street,
Norwich, NY 13815
Bill Walters, MU class of 1962

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  1. Mike Hearth
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 17:22:22

    Looks great Bill. I can not wait to see all the yearbooks from the 70’s


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