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Military Listing’s Procedure:

If you know of a Mt. Upton Central student who served in the military and wish to have his/her name honored on this page, just type the; class of ____, name, branch of service, rank (if known) and the years served in the comment section and we will post it on the page for you. Thanks

Mt. Upton “Medal of Honor”:   For those from Mt. Upton who paid the ultimate price for our country:
Richard Prentice –  Killed in action, Germany, 1945

Graduated Name Branch Rank year’s served
1940 – Harvy Stevens Air Force WW-2
1941 – Orrie Stevens Navy Pacific 1942-1948

——- Donald S. Cole served in the Army Air Corps during WWII
1947 – Robert Rice Marines Colonel 1951-1975

1948 – John Nial – Navy
1949 – Robert Palmer Marine’s 1949-1953

1950 – Jack Bode – Navy 1950 –

1950 – Richard Coats – Navy  1950 –
1951 – James Nial – Air Force 1951-1955
1951 – Joe Nial
1953 – Dick Russ un Known
1954 – Jim Carney Navy MMCM 1954-1984
1954 – Grant Kern Navy 1954-1958
1954 – Gary Neidlinger Navy Warrent officer
1956 – Leroy Westcott- Air Force 1956-1960

1955 James W. Harrington, Sr. – US Army; 32 years; SGM, Date of birth: 01/22/1937, Date of death: 03/31/2010. Buried at: Section 7-PP Row 16 Site 4, Arlington National Cemetery (C/O Director Arlington,

1957 – Ron McIntire – Army – 1958 – 1961

1957 – David L. Geertgen – US Air Force1958 –

1957 – Loren Wildenstein served in the army

Bob McIntire – Army – 1959 – 1962

1959 – Thomas Hearth,  US Coast Guard 1959-1962

1959 – Jerry Nial – Navy
1963 – Dale Gould Navy/Air Force 1963-1984
1963 – Fred Swanson Air Force 1966-1980
1963 – Robert Burke Air Force 1963-1967

1963 – Ronnie Edwards – Air Force – 1963 – 1969

1964 – Tom Walters Air Force – 1968-1970

1965 – Danny Brisack served in VietNam…in the 60’s

1965 – Charles Spathelf  [chick]   { U.S. Army 1966 to 1969 — Viet Nam vet – May 67 – 68

1965 – Roy Hartwell Air Force

1966 – Ward Manchester 1 year

1968 – John  T. “Jack” Jeffery  – Army
Joe Ray class 1968 USMC Feb.19th 1969 – JAN. 30 1971
Gene Miner – US Air Force, 1968-1988

Williaml Miner served in Vietnam in 1969-1970
Walter Henriksen, class of 1967 served in the US Marine Corps from 1968- 1969. He was wounded in action in Viet Nam in April 1969.

1971- Martha Zimmerman – Navy
– Cyal Backus Coast Guard

Dennis White (Class of 1972)

1975 – Dale Utter Air force 1975-1992

1980 – Scott Richard Smith –  – U.S. Marines

1980 – James Bernholz Army 1980-2000
– John Miner – navy
– Pauline Teelon

– Michael and David Teelon….sons of Arnold Teelon and Sally Park-Teelon        recently retired from career military service of over 20 years each.

– Chief Master Sergeant, Steve Rosemier – USAF

-Bruce Coon – Navy – 1968-1972

– Mike Hurth – Navy 1982-1986

– Donnie Russ

– Elijah David Russ

– Aaron Hudson was in Afghanistan in the USMC

– Tim Hudson

Veteran names

Listed on Rockdale Honor Roll-1953

Russell Aylesworth
Gerald Banks
Raymond Banks
Ralph Bresee
Arnold Brigham
Richard Caffee
August Ceccarelli
Richard Coats
Charles R. Cole
Donald S. Cole
Frank W. Cole
William Cope
James Davisson
Harold W. DeVoe
Alfred Dewey
James Roy Dewey
Seward Gilbert
John Harrington
Raymond Herdeker
Gordon Hoke
Russell Hoke
William Hooper
Donald Hotaling
Thomas Knoetgen
Deo Nigi Menaldino
Orrin Newton
Frances Nichols
Christiaan Niessingh Jr.
Robert Palmer
Horace Palmer
David Petley
Lyle Pratt
Richard Prentice *
* Killed in action, Germany, 1945
Walter Shipman
Carl Smith
Douglas Spencer
Arthur Wisner
Harold Yaeger
Richard Yaeger
Veteran names added August 15, 2010
George Clum
Larry Guidelli
Howard D. Hoke
Charles Hendrix
John Hayes
Robert Thatford
Joe Johnson
Reeve Curtis
John VonKampen
Howard R. Johnson
Howard Johnson Jr.
Terry Hoke
Howard Ostrander Jr.
Charles R. Ostrander
Robert Petley
Richard Petley
John Petlely
David Geertgens
Gary Neidlinger
David Neidlinger
Clayton B. Harrington
James W. Harrington
Lynn E. Harrington
Earl H. Harrington
Eugene Crane
Clifford Peck
Mark Craver
Robert Rice
Raymond Johnson
Richard Johnson
James Carney
Ernie Winchester
Clinton Clark
James Percival
Richard Percival
Arnold Teelon
Lynn Teelon
Glenn Teelon
Charles Teelon – Navy
Charles Burnham
Terry Burnham
Lance Burnham
Wayne O’Hara
Robert Freer- Army you have
Charles Teelon -Navy


28 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 08:59:56

    Howard Hoke served his country in the United States Air Force 1952-1956. Ethel Hoke 7:54am Dec 12

    Howard left Mount Upton in April 1952 for basic training at Sampson Air Force Base, located near Seneca Lake.He was there until July 1952, then left for Sheppard Air Force base in Wichita Falls, Texas for Airplane engine school.
    In March of 1953 he left for Burtonwood Air Force Base in England, where he spent the next three years. He was
    discharged in March of 1956.


  2. Bill
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 12:41:50


  3. Bill
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 21:42:04

    ? Robert Baker – US Marine Corps, 1969 – 1975 during the Viet Nam era.
    1963 Robert J. Burke – US Air Force, July 10, 1963 – July 9, 1967 1954 Herman James Carney – US Navy, 1954 – 1984, retired. E9 MMCM steam propulsion engineer , 1963 -Dale G. Gould – US Navy, 1963-1971. Also served 8 years in US Air Force. Retired 1984.
    James W. Harrington, Sr. – US Army, ?, SGM, Date of birth: Buried at: Section 7-PP 1965 Roy Hartwell – US Air Force.
    Howard Hoke – US Air Force, 1952-1956 1968 John T. Jeffery – US Army, 1970-1973, 1954 Grant Kern – US Navy, 1954-1958, 1966 Ward D. Manchester – branch unknown, 1 year of military service.
    1954 Gary J. Neidlinger – US Navy, CW04, Warrant Officer, 1949 Robert D. Palmer – US Marine Corps, 1949-1953.
    ? Christopher Redmond – US Air Force, 1982 – 2010, 1947 Robert C. Rice – US Marine Corps, 1951-1975, Retired as a Colonel.
    1953 Dick Russ– branch unknown, 2 years of military service
    1939-1940 Harvey Stevens, US Air Force, Pilot during WWII.
    1941 Orrie P. Stevens – US Navy, 1942-1948 in the Pacific theater of WWII.
    1963 Fred Swanson – US Air Force, 1966-1980 (possibly longer), Computer Programmer.
    Loren Wildenstein – Army
    John Miner – Navy


  4. Darin Wildenstein
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 18:19:22

    Bill Loren Wildenstein served in the army in the late 50’s and John Miner served in the Navy…I wish more of my generation would get actively involved here


  5. Debbi Odell Sebris
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 19:34:13

    class of 1956… Leroy Westcott- Air Force 1956-1960 – training at Lackland AF Base, Texas

    class of 1951 – James Nial – Air Force 1951-1955 – training at Lackland AF Base, Texas

    class of 1951 – Joe Nial
    class of 1948 John Nial – Navy

    Robert Freer- Army (my mother couldn’t remember what year he graduated)
    you have Charles Teelon… he was in the Navy


  6. Debbi Odell Sebris
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 19:36:09

    Class of 1971…. Martha Zimmerman – Navy


  7. Bill
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 20:07:25

    Class of 1971…. Martha Zimmerman – Navy


  8. Anonymous
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 22:45:42


  9. Mike Hearth
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 10:50:47

    Please add Thomas Hearth, Class of 59, US Coast Guard 1959-1962/3?


  10. bruce coon
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 19:36:35

    bruce coon navy 1968-1972


  11. Bill
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 11:55:49

    Rich Severson US Navy 1982 – 1992 Rank E-6 \ DS1
    Data System Technician served aboard USS Elliot DD-967


  12. Leeny
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 16:17:01

    Danny Brisack served in VietNam…in the 60’s


  13. Bill
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 10:54:10

    Attached are two photos of Ron and myself in the military, for your website. Ron was in from 1958 – 1961 (Army) class of ‘57. I was in from 1959 – 1962 (Army) and was in the class of ‘58.
    Bob McIntyre
    Endicott, NY


  14. Bill
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 11:49:30

    Robert Baker – US Marine Corps, 1969 – 1975 during the Viet Nam era.

    1955 James W. Harrington, Sr. – US Army; 32 years; SGM, Date of birth: 01/22/1937, Date of death: 03/31/2010. Buried at: Section 7-PP Row 16 Site 4, Arlington National Cemetery (C/O Director Arlington,

    1965 Roy Hartwell – US Air Force.

    1968 John T. Jeffery – US Army, 1970-1973,

    1966 Ward D. Manchester – US Air Force

    1968 Gene Miner – US Air Force, 1968-1988

    1949 Robert D. Palmer – US Marine Corps, 1949-1953.

    1948 James Percival – US Army

    1947 Robert C. Rice – US Marine Corps, 1951-1975; retired as a Colonel


  15. Robert Burke
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 08:16:48

    Here is Ronnie Edwards:

    Class of 1963
    Air Force
    8 July 1963 thru 2 May 1967 and again 1 June 1968 thru 1 June 1969


  16. judy cole haymes
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 09:09:10

    Donald S. Cole served in the Army Air Corps during WWII – served in England as a airplain mechanic

    Charles R. (Reg) ColeServed in the Navy in the Pacific in WWII


  17. donna
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 09:23:16

    Williaml Miner served in Vietnam in 1969-1970


  18. Caroline Jankowski
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 06:08:02

    Walter Henriksen, class of 1967 served in the US Marine Corps from 1968-1969. He was wounded in action in Viet Nam in April 1969.


  19. Dick Coats
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 07:25:26




  20. John T. "Jack" Jeffery
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 12:43:37

    Bill: I was Class of 1968. 1971 was the year I was in Vietnam. Bruce Coon also graduated from MUCS in the Class of 1968. To the best of my knowledge Michael Valentine was never in the military.


  21. Bill
    May 25, 2011 @ 14:24:50

    An Outline of the WWII Experiences of PFC Clarence E. Jeffery
    (b. June 15, 1924, Norwalk, CT; d. April 16, 2000, Mt. Upton, NY)
    Clarence Jeffery was inducted into the U. S. Army 2 FEB 1943, and entered active service 10 FEB 1943.
    Camps/Forts: Pickett (VA), Shelby (MS), Shanks (NY) via train from Camp Shelby 10-12 AUG 1943, and Devens (MA).
    Embarkation: (20-21 AUG 1943 ) From NY for North Africa – probably crossed Atlantic on troop transport U.S.T.T. (U.S.S.?) Edmund B. Alexander in convoys staged out of Hampton Roads.
    North Africa: Arrived either in Mers el Hebir (Mers-el-Kebir?), or Oran, Algeria (2 SEP 1943), 6 weeks bivouac in the Fleurus area, visited Oran.
    Embarkation: (22-23 OCT 1943) From Mers el Hebir (Mers-el-Kebir?) on U. S. Navy ship Charles Carroll for Italy.
    Italy: Debarked 28 OCT 1944 at Bagnoli, Naples, Camaldoli (3 NOV 1943), Aversa (movement Armistice Day, 11 NOV – 12 NOV 1943), Salerno, Sorrento, Volturno, Cassino, Anzio, Leghorn, Pisa and Rome. Some of these places were encountered while in an official duty status as a driver, and others (e.g., Pisa and Rome) were probably only visited during “rest periods”. The 262nd Station Hospital remained at Aversa until apx. 8 JUN 1945.
    Experiences: He served in the Motor Pool, which involved duty as an ambulance driver transporting both Allied and Axis wounded to the hospital. PFC Jeffery was involved in a head-on collision while driving his commander due to another soldier driving on the wrong side of the road. He received a broken nose from this incident. He witnessed the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, which he also climbed during his time in Italy. He was involved in an attempt to straighten the Tower of Pisa with a friend from Norwalk, CT using a tank which resulted in alarming the local carabinieri and the MPs.
    Embarkation: On 22 JUL 1945 PFC Jeffery departed with his unit for the Pacific Theater.
    Panama: From conversations with my father the surrender of Japan occurred while the unit was in transit through the Canal. Many of the men who had signed up “for the duration”, and most of whom were from the East Coast, felt that the ship should do a “U” turn and take them home!
    Philippines: debarkation 2 SEP 1945, Manila, Agoo, Bawing (Bauang?), and Luzon.
    Japan: While here only briefly during the occupation PFC Jeffery was a witness to the destruction at Hiroshima.
    Embarkation: (26 OCT 1945 ) PFC Jeffery again crossed the Pacific from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.
    CONUS: Debarkation 5 NOV 1945. He crossed the U.S. by train to Ft. Devens, MA, where he was separated from the service on 16 JAN 1946, and granted an Honorable Discharge.
    Assignments: 27 AUG – 9 NOV 1943 – assigned to 5th Army.
    10 NOV 1943 – assigned to the Peninsular Base Section (formerly, until 1 NOV, the 5th Army Base Section).
    1945 – assigned to 6th Army while in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater of Operations
    Breakdown of service periods:
    His term of service lasted 2 years, 11 months and 15 days, of which 2 years, 2 months and 15 days were spent in foreign service (outside the continental U. S.) as follows:
    20 AUG – 2 SEP 1943 (13 days): en route to North Africa
    3 SEP – 22 OCT 1943 (50 days): North Africa (mostly on board ship)
    23-28 OCT 1943 (6 days): en route to Italy
    29 OCT 1943 – 21 JUL 1945 (1 year, 8 months, 24 days): Italy
    22 JUL – 2 SEP 1945 (42 days): en route to the Philippines
    3 SEP – 25 OCT 1945 (53 days): Asiatic-Pacific Theater, including transport to Japan
    26 OCT – 5 NOV 1945 (11 days): en route to CONUS
    The 8 months and 26 days of his continental service were as follows:
    2 FEB – 19 AUG 1943 (6 months, 16 days): induction (ERC status 2-9 FEB 1943), transit to and training at Camps Pickett (VA), Shelby (MS), and Shanks (NY).
    6 NOV 1945 – 16 JAN 1946 (2 months, 10 days): transport to and discharge from Ft. Devens, MA
    Awards: PFC Jeffery received the Good Conduct Medal, the European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Campaign Ribbon with two campaign stars, the Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Ribbon, and the Victory Medal. The campaigns he was involved in were: Naples-Foggia, and Rome-Arno. Although his discharge certificate does not mention either he also wore the Driver’s Badge (with Wheeled device), and the Meritorious Unit Commendation. His ASR score as of 2 SEP 1945 was 66 points. He was issued the Lapel Button (presumably upon discharge), and has also received the 50th Anniversary Medal. He is qualified for the Cold War Certificate due to his service at the beginning of the qualifying period which was his last day on Active Duty.
    1. WD AGO Form 53-55 (1 November 1944), “Enlisted Record And Report Of Separation: Honorable Discharge”, issued 16 JAN 46 at the Separation Center, Ft. Devens, MA.
    2. Official history of the 262nd Station Hospital (“Mediterranean Theatre of Operations”).
    3. Interview with Marion Elizabeth Fisher, Oral History Project, Women Veterans Historical Collection, Jackson Library, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro []
    4. Inscriptions on PFC Jeffery’s canteen cup.
    5. Uniform items (patches, ribbons, medals and badges) retained by PFC Jeffery.
    6. Cartoon book, presumably done by Sketch Erickson, a fellow member of the unit.
    7. Conversations with his son, John T. Jeffery (SSG, PAARNG).


  22. Bill
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 19:51:33


  23. Bill
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 22:07:55

    Harvey Arthur Stevens, born 24 September 1921 in Norwich, New York graduated from Mt. Upton (NY) High School in 1939, attended Springfield College, Springfield, MA in fall 1940.
    Harvey Stevens enlisted into the U.S. Army Air Corps and entered active duty in Atlantic City, NJ on 25 February 1943. Following Basic Training at Atlantic City, Stevens attended pre- pre-flight training at Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA from April to 23 June 1943, training in Piper Cubs. After screening and other tests in Nashville, TN, he attended Ground School at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, AL until 3 July 1943.
    In September 1943, Stevens took primary flight training at Avon Park, FL, finishing on 2 February 1944 after which he was assigned to Cochran Field, Macon, GA for three months for basic flight training. In May 1944, he attended multiple-engine training at Napier Field, Dolthan, AL and graduated as an Officer Cadet, receiving his wings on 4 August 1944. Following a short furlough, he reported to Fort Meyers, FL for one month. In September 1944, he went to Westover Field, Springfield, MA where he was assigned as Co-Pilot to a combat crew (2Lt Ray M. Texlaff, Pilot) after which he took transition training [in B-24s?] in Charleston, SC, finishing on 28 December 1944.
    Stevens and his crew were assigned a new B-24 Liberator at the Port of Embarkation at Mitchell Field, Long Island, NY. They departed for Bangor, ME on 10 January 1945 after which they flew the southern water route to Bermuda, the Azores, Marrakech in French Morocco, to Bari, Italy (15th AF HQ) and ultimately to Torretto Airfield, Cherignola, italy and were assigned to the 764th Bomber Squadron of the 461st Bombardment Group (H) of the 49th Bomb Wing, 15th AF.
    Starting 1 March 1945, Tezlaff, Stevens, and crew flew 28 missions through the end of the War, ending for them on their last mission on 26 April 1945. Stevens, Tezlaff, and crew departed Italy on 25 June by way of Taranto, Marrakech, Dakar, Africa, Brazil, British Guiana, and Puerto Rico ending at Charleston, SC. Following a six-week furlough, Stevens returned to Ft. Bragg, NC expecting training in B-29s and eventual transfer to the Pacific Theatre of Operations. Instead, the War ended with Japan’s unconditional surrender in August 1945 and Stevens was released from active duty on 28 August 1945. He stayed in the Army Reserves until about 1950 when he resigned his Commission as a First Lieutenant to spend more time with his family.
    Harvey Stevens’ timing was good and he was able to enroll at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY in September 1945. On 18 November, Harv married his High School sweetheart, Caroline (“Carrie”) Curtis in Mt. Upton, NY. He graduated from Syracuse U in June 1947 and accepted a teaching position at Cazenovia, NY High School where his wife also taught. He taught health, physical education, and life science, and coached several sports, especially baseball until his retirement in June 1979. In 1950, Harv and Carrie purchased their long-term home in New Woodstock, NY where they raised their two sons, Tom and Harry.
    During his working years, Harv went into the insurance business with John Hancock and later Security Mutual life insurance companies where he was quite successful providing health and property insurance to farm owners. He also became an officer in Patron’s Fire Relief Company, a small cooperative fire insurance company and maintains his position as Executive Secretary to this day. He also was elected Assessor for the Town of Cazenovia for many years until the mid-1980s.
    Following their retirement, Harv and Carrie traveled extensively around North America and overseas. Like many others from Upstate New York, Harv and Carrie became “snowbirds” and spent summers at their home on the St. Lawrence River while spending winters in Florida where they purchased a second home in Barefoot Bay. Carrie died in December 1992.
    A couple years after Carrie passed away, through mutual friends Harv met Margaret Granholm, also of Barefoot Bay. They travel and vacation extensively together and are companions in the true sense. Harv still travels around the globe, but not as much as he once did. As of this writing (March 2004), he is talking of selling his St. Lawrence River summer home and maintaining a permanent presence in Florida.
    His contact information: Harvey Stevens 336 Avocado Dr.
    Barefoot Bay FL 32976 ph 772-664-0984
    AUTHOR NOTE: This brief biography was extracted from a larger biography of my Uncle Harvey written by my father William P. Stevens for inclusion in: Stevens, W.P. 1987. Stevens Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of Heaman, William, Harvey, Orrie Stevens and Carolyn Stevens Carter. Mimeo 150pp, NYS Library, Albany, NY.
    Any transcription or extraction errors are mine and mine alone. I have concentrated this sketch on the military aspects of Uncle Harv’s Army Air Force experiences. While growing up, we lived for, and with Uncle Harv’s war stories and gained the impression he won World War Two single-handedly. Of course, while this is a slight exaggeration, it nevertheless represents the high sentiments of those of my generation and myself in particular toward those of “The Greatest Generation” who participated in defeating the enemy during WW2. In my own Army experiences during a different, far less “popular” war in a tiny little country in SE Asia, I attempted to uphold the legacy of the highest standards and traditions of the U.S. Army as taught me by my Uncle Harv. He always was my hero and still is.
    W. FREDERICK STEVENS LtC, USAR, SigC, Retd 23 February 2004


  24. Charlene Ostrander LaFever
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 08:12:20

    There will be an early Veterans Day Service at the Rockdale Community Church on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. All area veterans and community members are invited to honor those who have served their country as well as those currently serving both abroad and at home. Rockdale area veterans not listed on the Honor Roll should contact Charlene LaFever at or 607 334-9112.


  25. Joseph Ray
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:33:26

    Joe Ray class 1968 USMC Feb.19th 1969 – JAN. 30 1971


  26. charles spathelf
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 10:57:42

    charlesspathelf[chick{ u.s. army 1966 to 1969 viet nam vet may67tomay68


  27. Charlene Ostrander LaFever
    May 09, 2017 @ 21:09:16

    I would like to submit the names of area veterans whose names have been added to the Honor Roll at the Rockdale Church from 2010-2016. What’s the best way to do this? Also please update my email address on my Sep. 24, 2011 post. Thanks


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