Mt. Upton 2014 – ?

As an American, I find it difficult to stand by and say nothing when I see the contry I grew up in loose its freedoms.  I remembber the good times, and have been a witness to the depletion of our liberties.  Many still don’t see this yet, they may never see it until it’s to late.  The site was formed to record the history of Mt. Upton and Mt. Upton Central not only as I saw it but as others did as well.  Today what is happening in America is also happening in Mt. Upton and to each and every one of you.  It is part of Mt. Upton’s history.  We will all look back one day and wonder if it could have been avoided and ask, why didn’t I do something.

I would like to have anyone that is interested enough,  post on this page comments about Mt. Upton/America today so that in the coming years others may understand that there were many of us that tried to do something.

Blessings to all,  BW


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  1. Bill
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 17:03:34


    I am motivated to respond to the “Mount Upton 2014?” post on but with each attempt my passion for the issue leads to me to expressing much more than appropriate for such a public forum as I am sickened by the degradation of our town and surrounding communities. I think it is safe to say that my concern for saying something that will not be socially acceptable may be exactly why others have yet to post as well. Unfortunately, if this is not the case, then likely it comes down to the fact that many simply don’t know what to say or do, or, there is simply a lack of interest. It is the “lack of interest” that is really concerning as not knowing what to do can be managed, but, lack of interest is one of the root cause of the problems and sadly representative of the values we now find socially acceptable in today’s day and age. As you can see a statement like this has the potential of offending a vast majority of the populace, hence, supporting my initial theory why the posting “Mount Upton 2014?” may not be receiving much response. What about establishing a group to brainstorm, identify issues and root causes, develop and recommend solutions, and meet with local government via town meetings, etc. to express our concerns as a community? Would you consider re-establishing the “Mount Upton 2014?” post from a post of comments to a post to identify interested parties to sign up autonomously to express interest in joining such a group? If so, the issue really becomes who and how to establish and manage this effort? Do you know if there is already an avenue to address this locally or are we really at the starting gate with all this?


    Lester Ward
    Class of 1980


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